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Since 2008 I have been involved in ordering and creating Rugby kit for my teams. In about 2012 I started going outside the box, more and more extravagant designs and the more I wanted to go, the more limited it felt, the design process was tedious, many things I had in my vision but it could never get translated onto the page, let alone onto the kit itself. After working with many Brands I found that 1 was head and shoulders above the others for designers but that found it's was to the invoice by way of a huge price. Many Brands I found had extremely long turnaround times, 6 weeks for a fast track order but many were 10-16 weeks from the signoff date, and again the 1 that could do it in 3 weeks was asking a huge price. 

Our aim is to provide great designs that match your visions, absolutely no template designs, everything unique to you but without the added price. 

Our aim is to have fast turnaround times, 2-3 weeks from the day you sign off your designs and the sample is printed for you to approve at no extra cost.


We like to be treated as Individuals and we like the personal touch and that is how we aim to serve the people that buy from us. 


We have some absolutely amazing factories who make clothing for some of the biggest brands in the World ranging through every sport World Wide to E-Sports and Business / Workwear. 


Look forward to talking soon, 

Travis McIntyre


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Get in touch and we can statt creating a unique design specifcally for you. 

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